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DBX Dual 31 Band EQ

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Enhance your event's audio clarity and quality with the advanced dbx® Dual 31 Band EQ. This unit, a benchmark in sound management, provides precise and detailed control, ensuring outstanding audio performance across various applications. Ideal for both live performances and studio settings, this graphic equaliser allows meticulous adjustment over your sound environment. Featuring dual-channel operation with 31 bands per channel, this equaliser offers a powerful range of 1/3-octave increments, allowing for pinpoint precision in sound shaping. It is equipped with both ±6 dB and ±12 dB boost/cut ranges, making it versatile enough to handle subtle acoustic adjustments or significant tonal changes, depending on your needs. The dbx® Dual 31 Band EQ incorporates high-quality components, such as nonconductive nylon sliders, which contribute to its reliable and intuitive use. Each channel has its individual set of controls and an interface that includes LED level ladders, ensuring visual feedback of settings and output levels. This immediate input/output monitoring is crucial for maintaining optimal levels and preventing distortion during events. Connectivity is no issue with the EQ's balanced XLR and TRS inputs and outputs, facilitating seamless integration into any professional audio setup. The robust internal toroidal transformer further ensures consistent performance, reducing electromagnetic interference and maintaining signal integrity. With a broad frequency response from 10Hz to 50kHz and a dynamic range of over 108 dB, this equaliser promises exceptional sound quality and response. Its high-quality build and reliability are in line with dbx's commitment to excellence, providing you with a dependable solution for managing your event's audio experience. This dbx® Dual 31 Band EQ is a crucial tool for audio professionals seeking exceptional sound control and performance without breaking the bank. Whether used in live environments or recording studios, it assures a polished and thoroughly controlled audio output, enhancing every auditory detail of your event.




March 2023

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