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AKG C1000S Condenser Microphone

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Elevate your audio capture experience with the AKG C1000S Condenser Microphone, a stalwart in the recording and live sound arenas. This versatile piece of kit excels across a spectrum of applications, from recording studios to live gigs, making it a favourite among professionals and hobbyists alike. The AKG C1000S stands out with its ability to operate via phantom power (9-52 V DC) or a standard 9 V battery, providing flexibility in environments lacking audio equipment with built-in phantom power. This feature is particularly handy for on-the-move recordings and outdoor events, ensuring consistent performance in any setting. Designed for clarity and precision, the C1000S ensures your sound is captured just as intended. It includes a windsock which is perfect for reducing noise interference during outdoor events, therefore preserving the natural sounds of vocals or instruments. The microphone also features a battery status LED, which is crucial for monitoring battery life and avoiding any unexpected interruptions during performances or sessions. Whether deploying it for choirs, ensembles, speeches, or solo performances, the C1000S promises high-fidelity reproduction of sound. Its robust build and reliability make it a superb choice for events that demand uncompromising audio quality. With the C1000S, you harness the engineering excellence of AKG, making every acoustic detail shine with pristine clarity. Ideal for demanding situations where versatility and reliability are paramount, this microphone is a valuable addition to any event’s audio equipment arsenal.




March 2023

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