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Sennheiser e904 Tom Microphone

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Unleash the true potential of your drum sound with the Sennheiser e904 Tom Microphone—an essential tool crafted especially for percussive instruments. This high-quality dynamic microphone is perfect for seamlessly capturing the dynamic range and energy of toms, snares, and other percussion instruments. Featuring a compact design, the e904 is uniquely engineered to fit unobtrusively into your drum setup. The microphone includes a universally adaptable rim clip that allows for quick and easy attachment to various drum rims. This convenient mounting option ensures minimal interference with the musician's performance space while maintaining optimal positioning for recording. The sound profile of the e904 is both full and lively, designed to bring out the natural resonance and powerful attack percussive elements require. Whether you're dealing with rock, jazz, or classical percussion, this microphone adapts fluidly to different playing styles and delivers a consistently impressive sound quality. Durability is also a key feature of the e904. The robust, reinforced metal casing protects the internal components from the rigours of live performances and demanding tours. You can rely on this microphone to perform consistently, session after session, without concern for wear and tear. Enhance your audio capture capabilities at live events, in the studio, or in rehearsal spaces with the Sennheiser e904. It stands out not just for its superior audio fidelity, but also for its practical design and resilient construction, making it an indispensable part of your percussion gear arsenal.




March 2023

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