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Dedolight LEDZilla On-Board LED

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The Dedolight LEDZilla On-Board LED is a highly advanced, compact LED lighting fixture that is ideal for a variety of photographic and video applications. Offering superior portability and exceptional quality, the LEDZilla is well-suited for both on-camera and off-camera use, making it a versatile choice for event coverage, interviews, and film productions. **Main Features:** 1. **Compact and Lightweight:** Despite its robust functionality, the LEDZilla boasts a compact design that ensures it can be easily mounted on a camera without adding significant weight or bulk. This makes it an excellent option for dynamic shooting environments where agility is key. 2. **Adjustable Focusing:** One of the standout features is its adjustable focusing mechanism. This allows users to vary the beam angle from a sharp 4-degree spotlight to a broad 56-degree floodlight, providing immense flexibility in controlling the intensity and spread of light depending on the shooting requirements. 3. **Integrated Barndoors:** The built-in barndoors are an essential feature, enabling precise control over light spill and beam shaping. This is crucial for creating the desired lighting effects and for avoiding unintended glare in your images. 4. **Dual Colour Mode:** Equipped with a quickly switchable, built-in dichroic filter, the LEDZilla facilitates seamless transitions between daylight and tungsten light modes. This versatility ensures that the lighting can adapt to match the ambient conditions without the need for additional filters or adjustments. 5. **Flip-Up Diffuser:** To enhance its functionality, the light also comes with a flip-up diffuser that helps broaden the light's spread while simultaneously softening its output, ensuring that subjects are illuminated with a flattering, even light. **Specifications:** - **Beam Angle:** Adjustability from a narrow 4° spotlight to a wide 56° floodlight. - **Colour Temperature:** Features two settings, daylight and tungsten, that can be changed using the integrated dichroic filter. **Included Accessories:** - A protective soft case is provided with the LEDZilla, ensuring that it remains safe during transportation and when not in use. The Dedolight LEDZilla On-Board LED is a must-have tool for professionals looking to achieve studio-quality lighting in any setting. Its comprehensive range of features and robust design make it an ideal choice for enhancing your lighting capabilities.




June 2023

Had an amazing experience with Gecko, we hired a bunch of different equipment and the team was incredibly helpful. Will be using them again!

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