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The Litepanels MicroPro is an on-camera lighting fixture designed for providing high-quality, soft directional lighting in a compact and lightweight package. Here are the main features and specifications of the Litepanels MicroPro: **Main Features:** 1. **LED Technology:** The MicroPro utilizes Litepanels' proprietary LED technology, which is known for its high quality, color accuracy, and soft lighting output. 2. **Compact and Lightweight:** The fixture is designed to be compact and lightweight, making it suitable for on-camera use without adding excessive weight. 3. **Luminous Soft Directional Lighting:** The MicroPro offers soft and directional lighting, which is ideal for achieving professional-looking lighting setups, especially in television broadcasts, news, and motion picture productions. 4. **Color Characteristics:** The MicroPro is designed to provide warm and accurate color characteristics, which is crucial for maintaining natural-looking skin tones and overall scene accuracy. **Specifications:** - **Dimensions:** 139mm x 101.6mm x 38.1mm - **Weight:** 300g (without batteries) - **Power Draw:** The fixture consumes 9 Watts of power. **Power Source:** - The MicroPro is powered by six AA batteries, which are housed internally within the fixture. **Light Output:** - The MicroPro offers a daylight-balanced output with a color temperature of 5600°K. This corresponds to a cool white light output, which is often preferred for daylight conditions and outdoor shooting. In summary, the Litepanels MicroPro is a compact and lightweight on-camera lighting fixture that leverages Litepanels' LED technology to provide high-quality soft directional lighting with accurate color characteristics. It's designed to be versatile and suitable for various applications within television broadcast news and motion picture productions. The fixture is powered by internal AA batteries and offers a daylight-balanced output with a color temperature of 5600°K.


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Had an amazing experience with Gecko, we hired a bunch of different equipment and the team was incredibly helpful. Will be using them again!

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