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Hire FULL COLOUR RGB LASER 3W, hire Party Lights, near Carlton
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Sound Empire



Carlton, NSW, Australia

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Includes: 1 x Full Colour RGB 3W Laser 1 x Power Cable Transform your event with the spectacular visuals of the Full Colour RGB 3W Laser. This professional lighting equipment is designed to elevate the atmosphere of any gathering, from high-energy concerts and raves accommodating thousands, to more intimate venues. With its powerful 3W output, this RGB laser can project an array of vibrant, multicoloured beams and intricate 3D patterns, ensuring a visually stunning experience for your audience. Equipped with the latest technology, this laser system offers extensive versatility in control. It is compatible with ILDA for precision programming of laser shows, enabling customisation of patterns, effects, and synchronisation with music. This feature allows for a tailored light show that perfectly fits the theme and rhythm of your event. The robust design of the RGB Laser includes a sturdy housing that ensures durability and reliability, even in the most dynamic and demanding environments. Setup is straightforward, ensuring that event organisers can focus more on the event and less on the technical details. Additionally, the included power cable ensures that this unit is ready to use with standard power outlets, facilitating easy integration into any setup. Important to note: For the complete effect and to enhance the visibility of the laser beams, a Haze Machine is recommended. It creates a fine mist that helps in making the laser lights more pronounced and dramatic. While most smoke or haze fluids are designed to be minimally disruptive to smoke alarms and detectors, it is advisable to check with the venue regarding the use of haze effects to ensure compliance and safety during your event. This Full Colour RGB 3W Laser is not just a lighting fixture; it's an investment in creating memorable, visually captivating events that guests will talk about long after the lights come down.




March 2023

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