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Hire WASH MOVING HEAD, hire Party Lights, near Carlton
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Carlton, NSW, Australia

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Includes: 1 x Wash Moving Head Light 1 x Power Cable (5m) Experience dynamic lighting brilliance with our Wash Moving Head light, an exceptional choice to elevate the visual appeal of any event. This high-performance LED wash light delivers vibrant and versatile illumination suited for concerts, theatre productions, weddings, parties, and corporate events alike. Boasting an array of LED lights, the Wash Moving Head assures a spectrum of vivid colours, creating immersive environments with its wide-ranging hues. Its powerful and efficient LED system not only ensures bright, vivid colour washes but also offers the durability and energy efficiency vital for prolonged use at events. The fixture is equipped with a pan and tilt movement mechanism, enabling precise and swift motion that effortlessly enhances the lighting effects. This means the light can sweep across an area dramatically or be focused tightly on a specific spot, facilitating both broad wash effects and focused lighting scenarios. Operation is brilliantly simple. Once connected via the included 5m power cable, it’s ready to illuminate. The device includes sound-activated modes, where the lights react and move synchronously with musical beats, adding that spontaneous and lively touch to your event’s ambience. With its robust build and compact design, this wash moving head is easy to integrate within various event set-ups without obstructing sightlines or taking up excessive space. It stands out with its ability to produce intense, saturated colours, and smart movement capabilities, ensuring that any event space can be transformed with stunning visual flair. The unit also allows for manual settings adjustments, providing users with the flexibility to cater to the specific needs of each unique event.




March 2023

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