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Hire Pair of RGB lasers, hire Party Lights, near Greenacre
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Pair of RGB lasers


Greenacre Party Hire

Greenacre, NSW, Australia

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Elevate your event with this stunning pair of RGB lasers, designed to add a spectrum of vibrant colours and dynamic effects to any venue. Ideal for parties, festivals, stage shows, and corporate events, these high-powered lasers emit a multitude of beams in various patterns that will transform the atmosphere and capture the attention of your audience. Each unit in this pair boasts a robust design capable of producing 1 watt of RGB laser light. With advanced technology, they offer a seamless blend of red, green, and blue hues, allowing for an array of customisable colours and precision in creating the perfect ambiance. The lasers are equipped with sound activation mode, enabling them to synchronise beautifully with music, creating reactive visual effects that dance to the beat of any track. For ease of use, these lasers come with an intuitive control interface. Even without extensive technical knowledge, you can set up and manipulate the lasers to achieve desired effects. Whether you're looking to project straightforward beams, complex patterns, or animated graphics, these versatile units are up to the task. Included in this package are: - 2 x 1W RGB lasers - 3 x power cables - 3 x IEC extension cables - 1 x high-quality haze machine to enhance laser visibility and overall light effect - 1 x sturdy T-bar lighting stand to securely mount and position your lasers Optimise your next event with these powerful RGB lasers, guaranteeing a visual spectacle that will leave a lasting impression. Whether you are planning a small private gathering or a large public celebration, these lasers are sure to enhance the experience and create memorable moments. Additional lighting and sound equipment are available, enabling you to tailor the setup to meet your specific event needs.


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