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Hire Party lighting Package #1, hire Party Lights, near Lane Cove West
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Party lighting Package #1

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Vibes AV DJ



Lane Cove West, NSW, Australia
Fits in a Car

Fits in a Car

Should fit in the back

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Easy to setup

Simple to setup

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Verified Lender

Great for

Great for

50 - 100 people


Colours Include

Colours Include

Blue Green Red White


It seems you're describing another party lighting package, which is similar to the previous one you mentioned. This package includes various lighting equipment and accessories to create an exciting visual atmosphere for events and parties. Here's a breakdown of the components: 1. **Beamz Flatpar 1W18 LED (Quantity: 2)**: - These are LED par lights with a brightness of 1 watt per LED and a total of 18 LEDs per fixture. - LED par lights are versatile and can project washes of colored light onto surfaces. They're commonly used for lighting stages, dance floors, and events. 2. **Chauvet Mini Kinta (Quantity: 2)**: - The Chauvet Mini Kinta is a compact LED light effect that produces moving patterns and colorful beams of light. - These lights are designed to create dynamic effects that can dance around the space and add energy to the atmosphere. 3. **Laserworld EL-230 RGB (Quantity: 1)**: - The Laserworld EL-230 RGB is a laser light that emits vibrant and colorful laser beams. - It offers a range of colors by combining red, green, and blue lasers to create captivating visuals. 4. **Necessary Cables**: - This package includes the necessary cables to connect and power the lights. Cables are essential for setting up and controlling the lighting equipment. It's important to note that party lighting setups can greatly enhance the mood and energy of an event. To make the most of this package: - **Layout and Placement**: Consider where you'll position each type of light for optimal coverage and impact. Place LED par lights strategically for ambient lighting, Chauvet Mini Kinta lights for dynamic effects, and the laser light for mesmerizing beams. - **Control**: Understand how to control each type of light. Some lights may have built-in programs, while others might require external controllers or DMX control for more intricate lighting sequences. - **Programming**: If the lights allow for programming, experiment with different patterns and sequences to match the mood and energy of the event. - **Safety**: Ensure lights are securely mounted and cables are safely routed to prevent tripping hazards. - **Theme and Mood**: Coordinate the lighting effects with the overall theme and mood of the event. Different color combinations and patterns can evoke various feelings and vibes. As always, prioritize safety, especially when using laser lights. Avoid pointing lasers directly into people's eyes and be aware of any regulations or guidelines regarding laser usage in your area. If you have any specific questions about this lighting package or need assistance with any aspect of setting up and using the lights, feel free to ask for further guidance.


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