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Hire 12" Mirror Ball Pack, hire Party Lights, near Newstead
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12" Mirror Ball Pack

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Turn any venue into a scintillating disco haven with our stunning 12" Mirror Ball Pack! Ideal for evoking the heady spirit of classic disco nights, this complete set ensures that any space can instantly transform into a dance floor spectacle. Whether you’re planning a wedding, organising a retro-themed party, entertaining at a nightclub, or simply aiming to create memorable evenings at local festivities, this pack will not disappoint. Included in our kit is a shimmering 12-inch mirror ball, which reflects light spectacularly to create that quintessential disco atmosphere. To facilitate smooth rotation that casts enchanting light patterns around the room, we've added a reliable mirror ball motor that guarantees to keep the ambiance lively and dynamic. Additionally, the pack is equipped with two high-intensity pinspots, designed to enhance the mirror ball’s effect by directing beams of concentrated light, resulting in dazzling reflections that dance along the walls, ceiling, and floor. This Mirror Ball Pack is crafted using high-quality materials to ensure durability and a mesmerising light spectacle at every event. It provides an easy way to add a touch of sparkle and movement, making every occasion a glamorous affair. The compact design of the included equipment also means it integrates seamlessly into any setting without the need for extensive space or special accommodations. Create memorable experiences and transport your guests back to the golden era of disco with this indispensable mirror ball pack. It’s an effortless way to ignite fun and festivity in any gathering and keep those feet moving through the night!




March 2023

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