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Hire AVE Eclipse Solar 700 RGB Pattern Laser, hire Party Lights, near Newstead
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AVE Eclipse Solar 700 RGB Pattern Laser

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Newstead, QLD, Australia

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Illuminate your events with the striking AVE Eclipse Solar 700 RGB Pattern Laser, a premium choice for adding vibrant visual effects and animations. With a powerful output of 700mW, this laser system harnesses the brilliance of dedicated red, green, and blue laser diodes to generate a colourful spectacle of light. The device is ideal for various settings, from concerts and club scenes to private parties and corporate events. The Eclipse Solar 700 comes equipped with an extensive library of over 200 captivating patterns and animations that can transform any venue into a mesmerising light show. Whether it’s intricate geometrical patterns or flowing animated sequences, this laser will keep your audience entranced throughout the event. Operation is a breeze with multiple modes to suit any situation. The sound-activated mode allows the laser to synchronise with the music, creating an auditory-visual synergy that enhances the energy of your event. For occasions requiring specific curation, the stand-alone auto mode offers a hands-off operation, cycling through eye-catching effects without the need for constant control. For integration into more complex lighting setups, the Eclipse Solar 700 supports DMX compatibility, allowing seamless integration with professional DMX controllers. This feature provides precision control over the laser effects, enabling customisation to fit the theme and mood of any event. Additionally, the unit includes a sound-sensitive adjustment feature, which fine-tunes the laser’s response to varying audio levels, ensuring optimal performance regardless of the acoustic environment. It also comes with a heavy-duty mounting yoke for secure installation in any location, and an IR remote control for convenient operation from a distance. The Eclipse Solar 700 RGB Pattern Laser is not just a lighting tool; it's an upgrade to your event’s ambiance, creating unforgettable experiences with spectacular light displays.




March 2023

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