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200W Outdoor Wedding Pack

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Elevate your outdoor wedding ambiance with our exclusive 200W Outdoor Wedding Pack, specifically designed to cater to celebratory events set in the great outdoors. This package comprises an impressive duo of 100W battery-operated PA systems mounted on stands, ensuring a seamless audio experience across wide-open spaces. These PA units are wirelessly connected through a state-of-the-art transmitter/receiver system, providing flexibility and ease of audio management without the burdensome mess of wires. Included in this set are two types of microphones: a handheld microphone, perfect for speeches and announcements, and a discreet lapel microphone specifically tailored for the celebrant, ensuring that every word spoken is crisp and clear. This is complemented with an iPod aux cable, enabling you to play your chosen background music smoothly, thus enriching the celebratory mood with your personalised playlist. This robust portable PA solution does not only excel in speech amplification but also delivers exceptional music reproduction. Each PA unit comes equipped with multiple input options, including two microphone inputs, one auxiliary, and one line input, each with individual volume controls. This allows for tailor-made sound settings to suit any moment of your event, further enhanced by additional bass and treble adjustments. Whether it be the exchange of vows under a serene skyline or a festive reception amidst nature, this comprehensive audio system promises an auditory experience that complements the magic of your outdoor wedding. Compact yet powerful, this setup ensures that your special day remains unforgettable for all your guests, letting every word and note of joy be shared and remembered.




March 2023

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