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Chauvet DJ Kinta FX All-in-One Effects Light

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Unleash the ultimate entertainment experience at your next event with the Chauvet DJ Kinta FX All-in-One Effects Light. This compact, lightweight effect light packs a powerful punch, combining three dynamic lighting effects into one cohesive unit. It features an LED derby effect, a laser, and SMD strobe lights, each designed to elevate the atmosphere of any venue. The LED Kinta effect includes numerous razor-sharp, multicoloured beams that dance across the space, creating intricate patterns and vibrant displays. Complementing the LED Kinta, the unit also boasts an array of SMD strobes. These strobes add a layer of dramatic flashes and chases, making them perfect for high-energy moments during any party or performance. Adding to the visual spectacle, this fixture features a built-in red and green laser that casts hundreds of beams, slicing through the ambiance with precision and flair. These laser beams are perfect for creating a mesmerising starfield effect on any dance floor or stage backdrop. Controlling this all-encompassing lighting effect is a breeze. It offers versatility in operation through various methods including DMX, Master/Slave configurations, an optional IRC-6 remote, or simply via its intuitive digital display. This allows for seamless integration into any existing lighting setup and easy manipulation of its features to best suit the theme of your event. For larger venues or more extensive event setups, additional units of the Kinta FX can be linked through power linking. This simplifies the setup process significantly by reducing the need for numerous cables and extension cords, thus keeping your space neat and organised while enhancing the overall lighting display. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, or a festive party night, the Chauvet DJ Kinta FX All-in-One Effects Light is your go-to solution for a memorable and visually stunning lighting experience.




March 2023

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