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Hire Chauvet DJ SlimPAR H6 USB RGBAW + UV Wash Light, hire Party Lights, near Newstead
Hire Chauvet DJ SlimPAR H6 USB RGBAW + UV Wash Light, hire Party Lights, near Newstead image 1
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Chauvet DJ SlimPAR H6 USB RGBAW + UV Wash Light

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Discover the versatility and vibrant colours of the Chauvet DJ SlimPAR H6 USB RGBAW + UV Wash Light, a high-performance lighting solution perfect for any event. This low-profile LED wash light seamlessly combines the technological innovation of 6-in-1 LED technology (RGBAW+UV) with user-friendly features, providing a vast spectrum of vivid and natural-looking colours. Ideal for enhancing the ambiance of concerts, weddings, corporate events, or dance parties, this device can operate in multiple modes including DMX, Master/Slave, and Sound-Active. With D-Fi USB compatibility, users have the flexibility to manage lighting effects wirelessly, setting up a synchronised light show without the need for extensive DMX cabling. The SlimPAR H6 offers seamless integration into any setup with its point-and-shoot operation of static colours and automated programs, accessible via an optional IRC-6 remote. This feature simplifies the user experience, making it easy to adapt the lighting to match the mood and style of the event instantaneously. Efficiency is also a key feature of the SlimPAR H6, as it allows for power linking multiple units, saving valuable time and reducing cable clutter. Built-in dimming curves ensure smooth transitions and LED fading, perfect for creating the right effect without disruptions. The fixture's flicker-free operation also makes it suitable for events where video recording occurs, ensuring professional-quality visuals. Customised colours can be easily crafted through the built-in LED display, providing precision control over your lighting to perfectly match your desired theme or brand colours. Compact and easily transportable, it fits snugly into optional gear bags for secure storage and transport, ready to brighten any venue with its impressive display of lights. Emphasise the desired atmosphere at your next event with the Chauvet DJ SlimPAR H6 USB—an essential tool in creating memorable, visually stunning environments.




March 2023

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