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Alexandria, NSW, Australia

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Elevate your event with the DJ Diamond Pack, a premium bundle meticulously selected to cater to both your audio and lighting needs. Ideal for parties, weddings, or corporate events, this versatile package combines cutting-edge technology and high performance to ensure your event is unforgettable. **DJ Diamond Pack Audio:** This segment of the package ensures your venue is filled with crystal-clear sound that energises the atmosphere. It includes two Titan12D 1000W PRG Powered Speakers, renowned for their robust output and clarity. These are supported by two durable speaker stands that guarantee optimal audio distribution. For music control, you benefit from the inclusion of either two CDJ2000s or CDJ900s, professional CD players that offer DJs flexibility and ease of use. The set is completed with a DJM800 mixer, ideal for crafting seamless transitions. Naturally, all necessary cables for setup are provided. **DJ Diamond Pack Lighting:** Transform your space with a selection of dynamic lighting options. Included is a compact fog machine that enhances the depth and intensity of the light displays. You can customise your lighting effects by choosing three from a selection of exciting fixtures such as OctopusTri, DerbyLed, MushroomLed, LEDWater, among others. These are designed to create a vibrant and energetic visual experience, perfect for any event backdrop. A sturdy lighting stand and all required cables are also included to ensure a comprehensive setup. **Additional Options:** Our DJ Diamond Pack also offers room for customisation. Exchange the standard CD players for a Turn Table at no extra cost or opt for an upgrade to NEXUS for an additional fee. For those wanting a richer audio experience, consider enhancing your package with 1600W PRG 15″ speakers or adding a Multi-Colour laser to elevate your lighting arrangement even further. With this carefully curated package, you are equipped with everything needed to create a professional DJ setting, allowing for an event that resonates with both quality and flair.


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Alexandria, NSW, Australia

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