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Hire XDJ-RX2, Speaker, Subwoofer & Lights Hire, hire Party Packages, near Lane Cove West
Hire XDJ-RX2, Speaker, Subwoofer & Lights Hire, hire Party Packages, near Lane Cove West image 1
Hire XDJ-RX2, Speaker, Subwoofer & Lights Hire, hire Party Packages, near Lane Cove West image 2
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XDJ-RX2, Speaker, Subwoofer & Lights Hire

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Lane Cove West, NSW, Australia
Fits in a 4WD

Fits in a 4WD

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Verified Lender

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Great for

100 - 200+ people

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Great For

Weddings, Kids Birthday Parties, 21st Birthday Parties, 40th Birthday Parties


This setup you've described is a comprehensive audio and lighting system suitable for creating an immersive and dynamic experience for events or performances. Here's a closer look at the components and their features: **Pioneer XDJ-RX2**: - This all-in-one DJ system provides USB and MIDI control, compatibility with Rekordbox, and various performance features such as control pads and master recording. **Mackie Thump TH15A Speakers**: - These active speakers deliver 1000W of power each, providing clear and powerful sound for your audio output. **RCF 705MK2 15" Subwoofers**: - These 1400W subwoofers are designed to enhance the low-frequency output, delivering deep and impactful bass. **Subwoofer Poles (Stands for Speakers)**: - Subwoofer poles are used to elevate the speakers and subwoofers, ensuring optimal sound projection and coverage. **Beamz Flatpar LED Wash Light**: - LED wash lights provide broad and even coverage of light, suitable for illuminating larger areas with vibrant colors. **Chauvet Mini Kinta LED FX Light**: - The Chauvet Mini Kinta is known for its dynamic and multicolored patterns, adding motion and energy to the lighting display. **Laserworld EL-230 Laser**: - The Laserworld EL-230 is a laser effect light that projects laser patterns and animations, adding a mesmerizing visual element. **Beamz Multi Acis IV FX Light**: - This multi-effect light combines different lighting features such as beams, strobes, and patterns to create diverse lighting effects. **Lighting T Stand**: - A lighting T stand supports and positions the lighting fixtures at different heights and angles, enabling you to create versatile lighting designs. **Nuts & Bolts**: - Nuts and bolts are used to securely attach and hang lighting fixtures from stands for safety and stability. **Necessary Cables**: - Proper cables are essential for connecting all components and ensuring seamless operation. When setting up this comprehensive audio and lighting system: - **Sound Check**: Ensure that your speakers and subwoofers are set up correctly and delivering the desired sound quality. - **Lighting Design**: Plan how you want to use the various lighting effects to enhance the atmosphere. Coordinate lighting changes with the music for a synchronized experience. - **Safety**: Properly secure all equipment, especially lighting fixtures on stands, to ensure safety during the event. - **Cable Management**: Neatly manage your cables to prevent clutter and tripping hazards. - **Testing**: Test the entire setup before the event to make sure all equipment is working properly. - **Event Size**: This setup is suitable for larger events and venues where a more powerful audio and visual setup is needed. With careful planning and execution, this setup can create a visually and audibly captivating experience for your audience, enhancing the overall atmosphere of your event or performance.


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