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House Party Pack (90 People)

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Elevate your house party to the next level with our House Party Pack, ideal for entertaining up to 90 guests. This comprehensive audio equipment set comprises everything you need to create an unforgettable atmosphere and deliver high-quality sound throughout your event. Included in the package are two K12 12" PA Speakers, renowned for their clear and robust sound output. The speakers ensure that every beat and tune is heard crisply, regardless of your party’s location. These are complemented perfectly by the inclusion of two state-of-the-art Pioneer CDJ-2000's. These top-of-the-line digital DJ decks offer seamless access to and manipulation of music tracks from CDs, USB drives, and various digital formats, allowing the DJ to keep the party vibe alive without interruption. A Pioneer DJM-700 Mixer is also part of this pack, providing your DJ with the flexibility to mix tracks, adjust levels, and add effects on the fly, thereby crafting the perfect audio experience for your event. This professional-grade mixer is the heart of the operation, ensuring that transitions are smooth and the energy never drops. For parties that demand a deep, resonant bass to enhance the music, an optional subwoofer can be added to this package for a minimal additional cost. The subwoofer will enrich the sound experience, particularly benefiting genres that thrive on bass, such as electronic, hip-hop, and dance music. To facilitate optimal speaker arrangement, the package includes sturdy speaker stands. These not only help in achieving the best sound dispersion throughout the venue but also add a touch of professionalism to the setup. Additionally, all necessary XLR to XLR cables are provided, ensuring a reliable and quality sound connection between all components. Choose our House Party Pack for your next event to guarantee an outstanding audio experience that will keep your guests entertained all night long.




March 2023

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