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Alexandria, NSW, Australia

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Illuminate your presentations and transform any evening gathering into a cinematic experience with our 3000 Lumen Projector. Boasting a powerful light output, this projector ensures that whether you are delivering a presentation to clients or enjoying an outdoor movie night, every visual is projected with exceptional clarity and vibrant colours. With its robust 3000 lumen brightness, this projector cuts through ambient light, making it perfect for a variety of settings from boardrooms to back gardens. It supports a range of resolutions up to full HD, ensuring that images and videos are rendered in sharp detail, which makes it especially ideal for high-definition multimedia presentations. The adjustable zoom lens allows for flexibility in placement, providing a broad range of throw distances that can accommodate both small meeting rooms and larger halls without sacrificing picture quality. The easy setup and intuitive controls mean you can start your events quickly and without hassle. Additionally, this model features multiple connectivity options including HDMI, VGA, and USB inputs, enabling seamless integration with virtually any video source or external device. Whether you're connecting a computer, Blu-ray player, or a USB drive, the transition is smooth and effortless. Opt for this 3000 Lumen Projector to ensure your visuals are not only seen but remembered. Perfect for corporate functions, educational settings, or even a night of movies under the stars, this projector is designed to impress and engage any audience.


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Alexandria, NSW, Australia

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