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Guildford, NSW, Australia

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Enhance your event's visual experience with our premium screen hire, available for a vast array of functions ranging from corporate presentations to vibrant social gatherings. Our large, high-quality screen offers an expansive display that ensures crisp, clear visuals that captivate and engage audiences of all sizes. Designed to cater to various indoor and outdoor settings, this versatile screen features a robust, easy-to-assemble tripod stand that guarantees stability and optimal height adjustment. This structure allows effortless viewing for all attendees, regardless of their seating arrangement, making it an ideal choice for events like conferences, training sessions, award ceremonies, and film screenings. Our screens boast a wide viewing angle, ensuring that visuals remain sharp and colours are vivid from different perspectives across the venue. The matte surface of the screen effectively reduces glare and enhances contrast, providing an optimal viewing experience even under ambient lighting conditions. Compatibility with multiple input sources including HDMI and VGA enables easy connection to a variety of devices, such as laptops, tablets, and media players. This feature fosters a seamless integration of your digital content, ensuring that your presentations, videos, or live feeds are displayed without a hitch. Given the diversity of today’s multimedia demands, our screen supports an array of aspect ratios and resolutions, facilitating an adaptable setup tailored to the specific requirements of your content. Whether you're presenting detailed graphs or vibrant multimedia, our screen hire solution ensures that your visual content makes a significant impact. Our screen hire is an exceptional choice for elevating the standard of your events, providing a professional flair that reflects well on your organisation. It is especially crucial for ensuring that your message is communicated effectively, making a lasting impression on your audience. Perfect for those seeking a reliable, high-quality visual solution, our screen rental meets the dynamic needs of modern events, leaving a lasting impact on your audience.




March 2023

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Guildford, NSW, Australia


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