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Hire Antari HZ500 Haze Machine (500W), hire Smoke Machines, near Beresfield
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Antari HZ500 Haze Machine (500W)

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Beresfield, NSW, Australia

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Elevate your events and create an enchanting atmosphere with the Antari HZ500 Haze Machine. This 500W high-performance hazer is a staple for professionals seeking to enhance the visual appeal of their productions, making it ideal for theatres, concerts, clubs, and more. The HZ500 is engineered to produce a fine, dry haze that subtly spreads across your venue, perfect for revealing stunning light beams and creating a mystical ambience. Thanks to its impressive output of 3,000 cubic feet per minute, it fills up spaces efficiently and effectively. One of the standout features of the Antari HZ500 is its eco-conscious design. With a fluid consumption rate of just 15 hours per litre, it ensures maximum haze while minimizing environmental impact and running costs. Whether you're looking to sustain a long event or a series of shows, this machine provides consistent performance with minimal fluid use. Operating the HZ500 couldn't be simpler, thanks to its intuitive LCD screen which facilitates easy navigation through settings and adjustments. The timer mode further enhances your control, allowing you to set precise durations for haze output, ensuring seamless integration into any show's timeline. Housed in a robust, compact flight case, the HZ500 promises durability and ease of transport — perfect for event professionals on the move. Its dimensions (L 490 x W 351 x H 338 mm) and a weight of 31.5 kg ensure it is both portable and sturdy enough to withstand the rigours of the road. For those concerned about compatibility, rest assured the HZ500 is equipped with onboard DMX, allowing flawless integration with existing DMX-controlled setups. It exclusively uses Antari HZL Oil Based Haze Liquid, guaranteeing optimal output and machine performance. In sum, the Antari HZ500 Haze Machine is not just a tool but a game-changer in enhancing the atmospheric quality of any event.




March 2023

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