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Hire Antari Z1000 2 Smoke Machine / Fogger including Timer Remote, hire Smoke Machines, near Beresfield
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Antari Z1000 2 Smoke Machine / Fogger including Timer Remote

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Beresfield, NSW, Australia

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The Z-1000II is a very efficient, high output smoke machine. Along with the ECO thermal control system, this unit features patented UNICORE heater technology, allowing for easy removal and cleaning of the heater block. The heater element is like a jet air stream that can deliver a powerful fog, creating a great atmospheric effect perfect for floor or mid-air smoke. In addition, it is armed with on-board DMX to work with club lighting directors, installers, planners as well as DJ’s. The Z-1000II comes with a high-quality pump and electronic low-fluid detector also known as Thermal Cut-Off (TCO), which automatically reactivates and shuts down the pump power when the fluid level is low. The unit also includes a standard hanging bracket for easy installation. Features Heater : 1,000 W Output : 12,000 cu.ft / min First Heat-up Time : 5.5 min Tank Capacity : 1.7 litre Fluid Consumption Rate : 18 min / liter (100% Output) Dimensions (mm) : L 433 W 198 H 151 » DMX : On board Liquid Used : Antari FLR / FLG Liquid


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