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High output Smoke Machine

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Campbelltown, NSW, Australia
Fits in a Car

Fits in a Car

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Elevate your event's atmosphere with our High Output Smoke Machine, a powerful and reliable addition to any party, concert, or special occasion. This robust machine will effortlessly fill your venue with a thick, enveloping fog, creating the perfect backdrop for stunning visuals and enhancing every moment of the celebration. Designed with both portability and efficiency in mind, the smoke machine boasts a compact size that ensures it can easily be transported in a car. Its straightforward setup process allows you to get the party started without any hassle, so more time can be spent enjoying the event. With the capacity to swiftly generate a substantial amount of fog, this machine is especially suited for events catering up to 150 guests. Whether it’s a wedding reception, a nightclub setting, or an outdoor festival, the smoke produced will saturate the air quickly, enveloping the space in a mysterious or vibrant ambiance, depending on your theme. Our High Output Smoke Machine comes equipped with a 1-litre fluid reservoir, ensuring that you have enough supply to maintain the effect throughout your event. This inclusion means you can use the machine as soon as you set it up, without the need for immediate refills. Ideal for event organisers who want to add a professional touch to their event setups, this smoke machine represents a top choice in creating memorable visual experiences. Reliable, effective, and easy to manage, it stands as an exceptional tool in your event planning arsenal.




March 2023

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