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Stage Haze Machine

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Campbelltown, NSW, Australia
Fits in a Car

Fits in a Car

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This professional-grade Stage Haze Machine is an exceptional addition to any event's production arsenal, perfect for enhancing atmosphere and creating visually stunning effects. Compact and portable, this machine is specifically designed to be transportable in a standard car, ensuring ease of movement and flexibility for events at various locations. The machine's sleek, robust design not only makes it an inconspicuous presence on stage but also simplifies setup, which can be completed swiftly and without hassle. Its high-efficiency output guarantees a continuous, consistent haze that spreads evenly across a wide area, ideal for concerts, theatrical performances, weddings, and corporate events. Boasting advanced technology, this haze machine operates efficiently, providing a thin, ambient layer that enhances lighting effects without overwhelming the venue or the guests. The unit's fine mist texture ensures that visibility remains high while dramatically accenting light beams and other special effects to create the perfect mood and visual appeal. Included with the machine is a container of specially formulated haze fluid, designed to produce the highest quality haze in terms of both aesthetic and safety, being non-toxic and leaving no residue. Elevate your event experience with this high-performance Stage Haze Machine, designed for those who seek an effective and easy-to-use solution to enhance their event atmosphere. This unit exemplifies cutting-edge atmospheric technology, encapsulating reliability with spectacular output.




March 2023

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