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Hire Antari F80-Z 700W Smoke Machine, hire Smoke Machines, near Camperdown
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Antari F80-Z 700W Smoke Machine

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Camperdown Sound



Camperdown, NSW, Australia
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You've provided a description of the Antari F80Z 700W Smoke Machine package, which includes the components and features of the package. Here's a breakdown: **Inclusions:** - 1 x Antari F80Z 700W Smoke Machine - 1 x Remote Control - 1 x Power Cable **Description:** The Antari F-80Z is a compact 700W smoke machine designed specifically for DJs, parties, and smaller events. Here's an overview of its key features: - **Compact Design:** The machine is designed to be compact and easy to transport, making it suitable for various setups and events. - **Wired Remote Control:** The package includes a wired remote control that allows for easy operation of the smoke machine. This remote enables you to control the smoke output without the need to interact directly with the machine. - **Quick Heat-Up Time:** The F-80Z features a super quick heat-up time, allowing you to start producing smoke quickly after turning on the machine. This is particularly useful for time-sensitive setups. - **Output Capacity:** The smoke machine has an impressive output of 2,500 cubic feet per minute (cu.ft./min), making it suitable for small and medium-sized parties and events. This output contributes to creating a dense and atmospheric effect. - **Enhanced Lighting Shows:** The F-80Z is designed to enhance lighting shows by creating an atmospheric fog effect that can amplify the visual impact of your lighting equipment. - **Versatile Use:** This smoke machine is suitable for a range of applications, including DJs, bands, and small venues looking to add atmosphere to their performances or events. **Benefits:** - **Enhanced Atmosphere:** The smoke machine adds a layer of atmosphere and drama to your event, enhancing the visual experience for attendees. - **Ease of Use:** The wired remote control simplifies the operation of the smoke machine, allowing you to adjust the fog output conveniently. - **Portability:** The compact design and easy transport make it suitable for various setups and locations. - **Quick Setup:** The quick heat-up time allows you to start using the machine without significant delays. - **Enhanced Lighting Effects:** The fog effect can enhance the visibility and impact of lighting equipment, creating a more dynamic visual display. When using a smoke machine, remember to follow safety guidelines and consider the venue's regulations. Adequate ventilation is usually necessary when using smoke machines indoors. Additionally, communicate with the provider to discuss any specific requirements or preferences you have for your event. This package seems to offer a simple yet effective solution for adding atmosphere to your smaller events.


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October 2023

Camperdown sounds was so timely, efficient and the quality of speakers were great! We had such a pleasant pick up and drop off experience. Only thing would be to include some simple written instruction so we could know how to connect to different devices. Other than that totally recommend !!

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September 2023

I needed to rent some dj decks and speakers from Camperdown sound for a party. They're a kick-ass team, were flexible with timing and told us how to set everything up.

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March 2023

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