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Hire ANTARI BUBBLE MACHINE B100X, hire Smoke Machines, near Marrickville
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You've provided information about the B-100X Bubble Machine, including its inclusions, description, and features. Here's a breakdown of the details: **Inclusions:** - 1 x Power Cable - Bubble Liquid **Description:** The B-100X Bubble Machine is described as a handy party gadget designed to produce a consistent stream of bubbles, adding a fun and lively element to your events. Here's a summary of its key features and benefits: **Features:** - **Double Bubble Wheel:** The machine is equipped with a "Double Bubble Wheel," which ensures a solid and continuous production of bubbles. This feature adds a playful and festive touch to various occasions. - **High Volume Bubble Output:** The B-100X directs a high volume of bubbles into the air, creating an engaging visual effect that can enhance the atmosphere of parties, gatherings, and events. - **Recycling and No Dripping:** The machine is designed to recycle liquid and eliminate dripping, ensuring that the bubble production is efficient and clean. - **Easy Refills:** The B-100X is user-friendly and easy to refill with bubble liquid, making it convenient to maintain the bubble output throughout the event. - **Hanging Bracket Included:** The included hanging bracket adds versatility to the machine's setup options. This allows you to position the bubble machine in various locations for optimal bubble distribution. **Specifications:** - **Power Consumption:** The machine consumes 25 watts of power. - **Tank Capacity:** The machine's tank has a capacity of 1 liter, allowing for a substantial amount of bubble liquid to be used. - **Fluid Consumption Rate:** The fluid consumption rate is 2 hours per liter, indicating how long the machine can operate with a given amount of fluid. - **Weight:** The machine weighs 4.2 kg. - **Dimensions:** The dimensions of the machine are L 340mm x W 170mm x H 172mm. **Benefits:** - The B-100X Bubble Machine can add a festive and whimsical touch to a variety of events, including parties, celebrations, performances, and more. - The high volume of bubbles created by the machine can engage and entertain guests of all ages. **Usage:** - The B-100X Bubble Machine is ideal for events where you want to create a playful and lively atmosphere. It's particularly suited for children's parties, outdoor gatherings, dance events, and performances. **Important Considerations:** - Ensure you have an adequate supply of bubble liquid to keep the machine operating smoothly throughout your event. - Position the machine in a suitable location to distribute bubbles effectively while considering the wind direction if outdoors. **Package:** - The package includes the B-100X Bubble Machine, a power cable, and bubble liquid. When considering using the B-100X Bubble Machine for your event, it's recommended to communicate with the provider to discuss availability, pricing, setup requirements, and any specific needs you have for your event. This way, you can ensure that the bubble machine adds a joyful and playful element to your occasion.


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