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Chauvet Vertical Smoke Machine (830W)

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Marrickville, NSW, Australia
Fits in a Car

Fits in a Car

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Transform your event into a visual spectacle with the Chauvet Vertical Smoke Machine (830W). This state-of-the-art smoke machine produces a dynamic column of fog, combined with intense lighting effects, to emulate a stunning pyrotechnic display. Unlike traditional pyrotechnics, it utilises water-based fog fluid, eliminating the need for toxic chemicals or heavy CO2 canisters, making it safe for indoor venues and close proximity to guests. The Chauvet Vertical Smoke Machine comes equipped with a power cable and is supplied with quick-dissipating fluid, ensuring that your event space remains clear of lingering smoke, maintaining visibility and comfort. The operation and setup of the device are straightforward, ideal for swift changes and setups at events. Additionally, its compact design not only facilitates easy transportation but also ensures that it can fit into a car, greatly simplifying logistics when moving between venues. The machine features multiple control options, providing flexibility regardless of the event type. Whether you opt for a wireless remote, a timer remote, or the manual push button located on the rear of the unit, controlling the output and timing of your smoke effects is intuitive and accessible. Each control method allows you to tailor the machine’s performance to the specific requirements of your event, from subtle atmospheric enhancement to dramatic, show-stopping bursts. Moreover, the built-in LEDs light up the emitted fog in various colours, adding an extra layer of dramatic flair to your presentations or celebrations. The integrated digital display aids in hassle-free configuration, allowing quick adjustments suited to the dynamic pace of live events. Safety is paramount, and the Chauvet Vertical Smoke Machine addresses this with an advanced fluid sensor. This feature automatically shuts off the pump if it detects the potential for overheating, thereby preserving the machine’s longevity and ensuring continuous, reliable use throughout your event.




March 2023

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