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Hire 12" POWERED SPEAKER - QSC K12.2, hire Speakers, near Alexandria
Hire 12" POWERED SPEAKER - QSC K12.2, hire Speakers, near Alexandria image 1
Hire 12" POWERED SPEAKER - QSC K12.2, hire Speakers, near Alexandria image 2
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Alexandria, NSW, Australia
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Fits in a Car

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Verified Lender

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100 - 200+ people

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Great For

Kids Birthday Parties, 21st Birthday Parties


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iPhone, Android devices, Laptops, DJ Decks, Microphones


The **QSC K.2 Series** represents a new benchmark in powered loudspeakers, offering a high level of performance and features. Here's an overview of what the series entails: **Product Line:** QSC K.2 Series **Key Features:** 1. **Powerful Amplification:** Each model in the QSC K.2 Series comes with a 2000-watt power module. This power module is carefully matched to the speaker's high-performance components, which include woofers and compression drivers. 2. **Precision Engineering:** The combination of the powerful amplifier, quality woofers, and compression drivers ensures that these loudspeakers can deliver impressive sound quality, clarity, and volume. 3. **Versatile Applications:** The QSC K.2 Series is suitable for a range of applications, from music performances and DJ setups to public speaking events and more. The high power output and quality components make them versatile tools for a variety of sound reinforcement needs. **Recommendation:** For medium-large events, the recommendation is to use a pair of the 12" speakers. The 12" model likely provides a good balance between size, power, and coverage for events of that scale. **Included Accessories with Each Speaker:** 1. **XLR / Power Cable Loom:** This is a combination cable that likely provides both power and audio signal connectivity. XLR cables are commonly used in professional audio setups to ensure reliable and balanced signal transmission. 2. **Speaker Stand:** The package includes a speaker stand for each loudspeaker. Speaker stands are used to elevate the speakers off the ground, improving sound distribution and coverage. They also help prevent vibrations from transferring to the floor, which can enhance sound quality. The QSC K.2 Series aims to set a new standard in powered loudspeakers by offering a combination of high-quality components, powerful amplification, and versatile applications. These features make them suitable for a wide range of events and performances where clear and impactful sound is crucial. When using this type of professional audio equipment, it's important to set up and operate the equipment correctly. This includes proper placement, cable management, and adhering to safety guidelines.