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Hire Active Monitor Speaker - HK LNR5-112XA, hire Speakers, near Alexandria
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Active Monitor Speaker - HK LNR5-112XA

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Alexandria, NSW, Australia

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The HK LNR5-112XA Active Monitor Speaker is a state-of-the-art audio solution tailored for a plethora of live sound scenarios, particularly in monitoring and supplementary sound reinforcement roles. Necessary for both public addresses and stage performances, this device combines robust construction with cutting-edge technology to deliver pristine audio quality. Sporting a robust 1000 Watts of bi-amped power, the monitor utilises a Class-D amplifier configuration, allocating 650 Watts to the main 12-inch speaker and 350 Watts to the high-frequency driver. The configuration ensures that both mid and high frequencies are delivered with equal prowess, maintaining clarity and reducing distortion across various outputs. The main speaker component features a substantial 2.5-inch voice coil, adept at handling powerful inputs and delivering a consistent audio output that cuts through in live environments. Meanwhile, the 1-inch high-frequency driver, with its 1.75-inch voice coil, precisely renders the highs, contributing to a well-rounded audio response. A critical aspect of the HK LNR5-112XA’s design is its maximum peak sound pressure level (SPL) of 136 dB at 10% THD, enabling the speaker to perform exceptionally well in loud environments without quality loss. This capability is further enhanced by the monitor’s CD horn, boasting a rotatable 60° x 40° dispersion pattern, which allows audio technicians to adjust the sound projections as per the event's specific requirements. Structurally, the monitor is encased in a durable hybrid housing made from birch multiplex and MDF, optimising acoustic resonance while ensuring the physical integrity of the speaker in transit and during use. Additionally, the dual input system enables seamless integration with various audio setups, and the onboard EQ switch provides quick adaptability, with dedicated settings for main and monitor configurations. The HK LNR5-112XA Active Monitor Speaker not only embodies versatility in its usage but also stands as a durable, high-performing component suited for dynamic event environments. Whether it’s amplifying vocals or instruments, this monitor is designed to deliver top-quality sound with reliability and precision.




March 2023

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