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The Sennheiser EW 135-p G3-B Wireless Handheld Microphone System is a professional-grade wireless microphone system designed for field operation, especially suitable for ENG (Electronic News Gathering) professionals. It comes with a handheld cardioid wireless microphone (E835) and an adaptive diversity receiver (EK 100 G3) for reliable and high-quality audio transmission. Here are the main features and specifications: **Microphone Features (E835 Mic):** - **Type:** Handheld dynamic microphone - **Polar Pattern:** Cardioid (focuses on sound coming from the front, reduces ambient noise) - **Sound Quality:** Provides professional sound quality suitable for interviews and reporting - **Durability:** Rugged construction, designed to withstand unfavorable conditions - **Wireless Transmission:** Connects wirelessly to the receiver for mobility and flexibility - **Battery:** Powered by AA batteries (usually included) **Receiver Features (EK 100 G3 Adaptive Diversity Receiver):** - **Type:** Adaptive diversity receiver (helps maintain a stable and reliable wireless connection) - **Wireless Range:** Offers a good operating range, allowing flexibility in movement - **Audio Output:** Provides audio output that can be connected to various recording devices, cameras, mixers, etc. - **Portability:** Portable design for field use, suitable for on-location recording - **Compatibility:** Part of Sennheiser's G3 wireless system, compatible with other G3 series components - **Power:** Powered by AA batteries or optional power supply **System Advantages:** - **Wireless Convenience:** Allows the user to move freely without being restricted by cables - **Professional Sound:** Delivers high-quality audio suitable for professional broadcasting and reporting - **Adaptive Diversity:** The receiver's adaptive diversity technology helps reduce dropouts and signal interference for reliable performance in varying environments **Usage:** The system is ideal for ENG professionals who need to capture interviews, reports, and other audio content in dynamic environments. Its rugged design and wireless capabilities make it suitable for on-the-go recording, ensuring clear and professional audio even in challenging conditions. Overall, the Sennheiser EW 135-p G3-B Wireless Handheld Microphone System with E835 Mic is a reliable and versatile solution for professionals in the broadcasting, journalism, and audio recording industries, particularly those who work in the field and require mobility and high-quality audio capture.