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Hire Bass Rig Peavey Mk3 400 + 300w 15" TL Bin, hire Speakers, near Busby
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Bass Rig Peavey Mk3 400 + 300w 15" TL Bin

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Busby, NSW, Australia

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The Bass Rig Peavey Mk3 400 is a bass amplifier system that consists of the Peavey Mk3 400 amplifier head and a 300W 15" TL Bin bass speaker cabinet. Below are the specifications and features of the Peavey Mk3 400 amplifier: **Peavey Mk3 400 Bass Amplifier:** - **Output Power:** The amplifier offers a power output of 210 Watts into 4 Ohms or 300 Watts into 2 Ohms, providing sufficient power for driving bass speakers. - **Sensitivity:** The sensitivity is rated at 15 mV @ 1 KHz when the tone controls are flat and the volume is set at 12:00. This indicates the input level required to achieve a certain output level. - **Input Impedance:** The input impedance is 220 K ohms, which is the resistance presented by the amplifier's input circuitry to the signal source. - **Signal-to-Noise Ratio:** The amplifier has a signal-to-noise ratio of 70 dB when a 50 K ohms source impedance is used. This indicates the level of unwanted noise compared to the desired signal. - **Inputs:** The amplifier has two input options: 1 high-gain input and 1 low-gain (-6dB) input. This provides flexibility for accommodating different signal sources and instruments. - **Channel A Equalization:** It features Low, Middle, and High equalization controls for shaping the tone of the audio signal. - **Channel B Equalization:** This channel includes Low Active Equalization, "Paramid" Middle Equalization, and High Active Equalization Control. These controls allow for precise tonal adjustments. - **Graphic Equalizer:** The amplifier includes a 6-band active EQ circuit for further fine-tuning of the sound. Graphic equalizers allow you to adjust specific frequency bands to shape the overall tonal balance. - **"DDT" Compression:** The "DDT" compression feature likely refers to Peavey's patented "Dynamics Detection Technology," which provides dynamic range compression to help control and enhance the audio signal's dynamics. Overall, the Peavey Mk3 400 Bass Amplifier seems to be a feature-rich and versatile amplifier head designed to provide a range of tonal possibilities and power levels for bass guitar applications. When paired with the 300W 15" TL Bin bass speaker cabinet, this setup is likely to deliver a powerful and responsive bass sound suitable for various musical styles and performance scenarios.


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