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Powered Club System Pack 2

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Newstead, QLD, Australia

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Our Powered Club System Pack 2 offers the ultimate sound experience for your events, tailormade for professional gatherings, large parties, and club nights. This comprehensive package includes two dynamically powered 15″ speakers with a whopping output of 1,000 watts each, ensuring crisp, clear sound projection. Complementing these are two robust 18″ subwoofers, each packing a powerful 1,300 watts for deep, pulsating bass that truly envelops any space. This system is ideal for venues accommodating up to 300 people, offering an auditory experience that both envelops and energizes the audience. Whether it's for a live band performance, a DJ set, or a corporate function with high-quality audio requirements, this setup does not disappoint. Included in the pack is an auxiliary cable that allows for effortless connectivity to a variety of devices such as smartphones, laptops, and other music players, ensuring you're ready to stream music or any audio feed straight out of the box. For those looking to integrate more complex setups like DJ decks or additional mixers, optional signal leads are available to facilitate seamless integration. Crafted with durability in mind, each component of the Powered Club System Pack 2 is built to withstand the rigours of transport and frequent use, making it not only a powerful but also a reliable choice for your audio equipment needs. Enhance your audio setup with the Powered Club System Pack 2 and ensure your events resonate with professionalism and vibrant sound quality. Perfect for event organisers and venue owners looking to make an auditory statement.




March 2023

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