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Hire B52 PASSIVE DUAL 18″ SUBWOOFER, hire Subwoofers, near Kingsgrove
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Kingsgrove, NSW, Australia

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The PA-1818S from B52 is described as a powerful passive subwoofer designed to deliver deep and impactful low-frequency performance. Here's a breakdown of the key features and information provided: 1. **Dual Subwoofers**: The PA-1818S is equipped with two B-52 18-220S subwoofers. These subwoofers have cast aluminum frames and high-temperature 4" voice coils. These components contribute to enhanced durability and the ability to handle higher power levels. 2. **Separate Compartment Design**: Each subwoofer is housed in a separate compartment. This design serves multiple purposes: it reduces port noise (air turbulence) and prevents interaction between the two loudspeakers. This results in cleaner sound output. 3. **Power Handling**: The PA-1818S can handle 2000 watts of power. This high power handling capability indicates its potential for delivering strong and impactful bass, especially in demanding audio setups. 4. **Complementary to Full-Range Systems**: The subwoofer is described as complementing B-52 full-range speaker systems. This suggests that it's designed to work seamlessly with other B-52 products to provide a complete and balanced audio experience. 5. **Audio Impact**: The subwoofer is highlighted as a component that not only delivers sound but is also capable of providing a physical sensation through its powerful bass output. This is important for creating an immersive audio experience. The PA-1818S appears to be designed for situations where significant low-frequency reinforcement is needed. With its dual subwoofers, high power handling, and separate compartment design, it's positioned to enhance the bass performance of audio setups. Its compatibility with other B-52 full-range systems makes it a suitable addition to setups seeking both audible and tangible bass presence. This subwoofer is likely to be favored in larger events or venues where impactful bass is crucial for delivering a dynamic audio experience.


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Kingsgrove, NSW, Australia

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