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Introducing our professionally crafted Blown Plastic 1.8 Trestle Table, an imperative asset for any event or gathering, designed to blend durability with practicality. This sleek and robust table measures 1.8 metres in length and 75 centimetres in width, providing ample space to comfortably accommodate eight guests, with three on each side and one at either end. Constructed from high-quality blow-molded plastic, this trestle table is not only lightweight but also boasts superior strength and stability. The top surface is smooth and resilient, making it resistant to stains and easy to clean, an ideal characteristic for events involving food and drink. Its resistance to impact and weather elements makes it a versatile choice for both indoor and outdoor events. The frame of the table is engineered with powder-coated steel legs, which ensure the table remains stable on various surfaces, from grassy outdoor settings to hardwood floors. The legs also fold neatly under the table, facilitating compact storage and ease of handling. This design feature makes the table perfect for venues with limited storage space or for event organisers who need to quickly clear or set up spaces. Moreover, the neutral white colour provides a blank canvas, allowing for extensive flexibility in terms of decor. Whether dressed up with linens for a formal banquet, adorned with flowers for a wedding, or kept simple for a community meet, this table fits seamlessly into any theme or setting. Optimal for conferences, banquets, markets, parties, or weddings, the Blown Plastic 1.8 Trestle Table is engineered for continual use providing unbeatable practicality and an elegant appearance at any function. Its simplistic yet functional design ensures it meets a variety of needs, while offering easy maintenance and long-standing endurance. Whether for a large-scale event or a small, intimate gathering, this table is the perfect foundation for any occasion.


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