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Hire Glow Banquet Tables (if you’re hiring 1-10/ 195each), hire Tables, near Smithfield
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Glow Banquet Tables (if you’re hiring 1-10/ 195each)



Smithfield, NSW, Australia

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If you’re looking to make a decorative statement then the glow banquet tables are the way to do it. These stunning tables make any other function table look dull. Imagine a banquet table that illuminates in the centre and has a beautiful glass top. Well, imagine no more, the glow banquet tables are available to rent through Glow Furniture Hire. You can choose from a round glass top or a square glass top. The round tops span a diameter of 1.8m, whilst the square glass tops span 1.3m in diameter. The tables include a pylon underneath that supports the table top. This is 80cm, x80cm x 80cm. This can be set to a fixed colour, or made to slowly fade between colours or flash fast. The table pylon comes charged and gives up to 8 hours of illumination. It includes an internal battery and LED lighting system, which allows the furniture to light up and also remain wireless.