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Hire Gold Wire Arrow Table Hire – Marble Top, hire Tables, near Wetherill Park
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Gold Wire Arrow Table Hire – Marble Top

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Tiffany Chair Events

Wetherill Park, NSW, Australia

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Elevate the ambiance of your next gathering with this opulent Gold Wire Arrow Table, featuring a luxurious marble top, perfect for any prestigious event, from a cocktail evening to a high-profile corporate gathering. This bespoke piece strikes an exquisite balance in design, uniting a minimalist yet bold gold wire base with an elegant, pristine marble surface, ensuring it stands as a focal point in your venue. Excellently suited for environments that call for a touch of sophistication, the table’s base is crafted into an arrow-like silhouette that exudes modernity and chic appeal. The marble top is smoothly finished, reflecting light beautifully, thereby enhancing the visual appeal of your event space. The dimensions of the table are balanced, it stands at 110cm tall, with a surface width and depth of 60cm, making it ideal for guest interactions. This table serves not just as a piece of furniture, but as an art installation that complements any decor theme, especially accentuating modern or contemporary aesthetics. It performs superbly as a central piece where guests can convene, enjoy drinks, and engage in conversation. Despite its substantial appearance, the design allows for easy integration into various layouts, adaptable for small intimate settings or larger, bustling venues. Ideal for those wishing to manifest a setting that is both opulent and welcoming, this table promises to not only meet but exceed your expectations, be it for formal gatherings, birthday celebrations, weddings, or other significant events. Enhance your event’s elegance with this sophisticated fixture, sure to capture the eyes and admiration of every attendee.


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Wetherill Park, NSW, Australia

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