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Hire 1 x Pioneer DJM-900 Mixer, hire Audio Mixer, near Tempe
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1 x Pioneer DJM-900 Mixer

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Elevate your music mixing experience with the Pioneer DJM-900 Mixer, a high-grade audio mixer designed for professional DJs and live performances. This industry-standard mixer offers exceptional sound quality and robust reliability that Pioneer is known for. The DJM-900 boasts an intuitive layout that makes it accessible for both seasoned professionals and those new to mixing. This model features four channels, each with a selectable input from digital or analogue sources, allowing you versatility in the type of equipment you integrate, be it turntables or digital decks. Each channel has its own dedicated sound colour effects, enabling unique sound manipulation on the fly. Additionally, the extraordinary Beat Effects section lets you add precise effects, tailoring each track section with nuanced modifications, stimulating creativity. The mixer also includes a high-performance 24-bit/96kHz sound card, ensuring high-resolution audio output. With Pro DJ Link integration, DJs can share a single source across multiple devices and perform synchronised performances. Its USB connectivity allows for seamless integration with computer-based setups, enhancing the capability for digital DJing. The DJM-900’s durability is supported by its high-quality faders and knobs, designed to withstand the rigours of regular use in busy settings. The fuss-free layout enhances usability during fast-paced performances, ensuring quick adjustments and controls are always within reach. In sum, the Pioneer DJM-900 Mixer is a reliable, cutting-edge tool that brings professional quality to any event it graces. It is an essential for artists looking to impress with both performance and sound quality. Whether you're orchestrating a club night, a private event, or an outdoor festival, the DJM-900 will meet and exceed your mixed media needs.




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