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Carlton, NSW, Australia

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Elevate your event with the majestic King Bar Stool, a stylish and modern seating option available for hire. This bar stool stands out with its sleek design and contemporary elegance, making it a perfect match for upscale gatherings, corporate events, or chic private parties. Crafted with attention to aesthetics as well as comfort, the King Bar Stool features a unique silhouette that complements any sophisticated event décor. Its dimensions (580mm x 530mm x 1060mm) ensure it is both space-efficient and prominent in any setting, from intimate indoor venues to expansive outdoor areas. The stool's smooth curves and ergonomic design support prolonged seating, making it ideal for guests who spend long hours socialising or networking. Its robust construction guarantees stability and durability, ensuring safety and comfort for all users. The versatile nature of the King Bar Stool makes it an excellent choice for accompanying high tables or standing alone as a striking feature piece. Its neutral colour scheme allows it to blend seamlessly with a variety of themes and decorations, enhancing the overall ambiance without overpowering it. For those looking to create a cohesive and elegant event space, the King Bar Stool pairs wonderfully with a range of furniture from classic to contemporary, providing endless possibilities for event planners and hosts to explore. Adding the King Bar Stool to your event furniture list is sure to impress guests and provide a luxurious touch that elevates the atmosphere of any occasion. Whether hosting a gala, product launch, or wedding reception, the King Bar Stool stands as a symbol of style and comfort.




March 2023

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