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Alexandria, NSW, Australia

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The CDJ Package QSC offers an impressive ensemble tailored for DJs and event coordinators who demand professional quality and reliability. This comprehensive audio setup includes two Pioneer CDJ2000 NEXUS CD players, renowned for their superb control and versatility in mixing digital music. Each player facilitates a seamless DJ experience with capabilities like USB connectivity, hot cues, and loop functions which are invaluable for creating dynamic live performances. Accompanying the CD players is the DJM900 NEXUS 4-channel mixer, another high-performance asset from Pioneer. This mixer is equipped with an array of on-board effects and a robust build, ensuring precise sound mixing and durability for all types of events. Its integration with most DJ software makes it an adaptable choice for both traditional and modern digital setups. The audio output is handled by two QSC K12 active speakers, each featuring a 12-inch woofer and capable of delivering crisp, powerful sound that stands out in any location. The built-in amplifiers in these speakers eliminate the need for external amplification, facilitating a quicker and more straightforward setup. Also included in this package are two SSA speaker stands which provide stable and optimal positioning for the QSC speakers, enhancing sound dispersion and overall audio quality of the venue. Additionally, the necessary leads (cables) for connecting all components are provided, ensuring easy installation and connectivity. This equipment package represents a perfect blend of innovation, quality, and practicality, designed to meet the rigorous demands of live performances and events. It is ideal for DJs, event organizers, and venues looking for a reliable, high-quality audio solution that promises both excellence in performance and user-friendly operation.


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Alexandria, NSW, Australia

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