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Alexandria, NSW, Australia

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Designed to meet the specific needs of performance DJs, our DJ Table is the perfect foundation for your music event essentials. Crafted from robust materials, this table ensures stability and durability, making it ideal for supporting various types of DJ equipment, from turntables and mixers to laptops and controllers. The modern, sleek design of the DJ Table not only complements a professional environment but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your event setup. The surface is spacious, offering ample room for all necessary equipment, and is finished with a non-slip coating to ensure everything stays securely in place during high-energy performances. The height of the table is optimally set to ensure comfort and ease during long sets, which can help reduce fatigue for the DJ. This table incorporates a cable management system to keep connections tidy and organised, which not only improves safety by reducing trip hazards but also maintains a cleaner look, ensuring that attention remains on the performance. Lightweight yet sturdy, the table is portable enough for events at various venues, whether indoor or outdoor. The DJ Table is an essential component for any event where music is a focal point. It provides not only functionality but also a professional appearance that enhances the overall ambiance of your setup. Whether you are hosting a wedding, corporate event, or nightclub party, this DJ table serves as the centrepiece of your music equipment arrangement, ensuring every performance goes smoothly and looks as good as it sounds.


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Alexandria, NSW, Australia

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