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Rode Videomic Pro + dead cat

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The Rode VideoMic Pro is a popular on-camera microphone designed to capture high-quality audio for video recordings. Here's a breakdown of its main features and specifications: **Main Features and Specs**: 1. **Broadcast Quality Audio**: The VideoMic Pro is known for delivering broadcast-quality audio, ensuring that your video recordings have clear and professional sound. 2. **Compact and Lightweight Design**: The microphone features an ultra-compact and lightweight ergonomic design. This makes it easy to attach to your camera without adding excessive weight or bulk. 3. **New High-End Video Features**: The VideoMic Pro incorporates new features tailored for high-end video production. These features are designed to enhance the microphone's performance and suitability for video recording applications. 4. **Reduced Noise Transference**: The microphone has undergone improvements to significantly reduce noise transference. This includes a revised shock mounting system that minimizes handling noise and a lightweight premium cable that helps maintain clear audio quality. 5. **Included Dead Cat Windshield**: The "dead cat" is a furry windshield that helps reduce wind noise during outdoor recordings. It's particularly useful for outdoor shoots where wind interference can affect audio quality. 6. **Color**: The microphone and included dead cat are black, providing a sleek and professional appearance. 7. **Ease of Use**: The VideoMic Pro easily attaches to your camera's hot shoe mount and connects using a standard 3.5mm audio cable. This makes it a user-friendly option for on-the-go video recording. The Rode VideoMic Pro is a versatile choice for videographers who need high-quality audio for their video projects. Its compact design, broadcast-quality audio, and noise-reducing features make it suitable for a wide range of video recording scenarios, from interviews and presentations to documentary filmmaking and more. When selling or promoting the Rode VideoMic Pro with the included dead cat windshield, be sure to highlight its compatibility with various cameras, its compact and lightweight design, and its ability to capture professional-grade audio. Mentioning the reduced noise transference and the effectiveness of the dead cat windshield for outdoor recordings can also attract potential buyers looking to improve their audio quality for video projects.


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Had an amazing experience with Gecko, we hired a bunch of different equipment and the team was incredibly helpful. Will be using them again!

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