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Microphone Stand



Lane Cove West, NSW, Australia
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Fits in a CarShould fit in the back
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Great ForWeddings, Kids Birthday Parties, 21st Birthday Parties, 40th Birthday Parties


The Mic Stand you described sounds like a versatile and convenient solution for positioning microphones. Its features offer flexibility and ease of use for various recording or live sound scenarios. Here's a breakdown of the key features you mentioned: 1. **Adjustable Arm:** The stand features an adjustable arm that allows you to position the microphone precisely where you need it. This is important for achieving optimal sound capture and minimizing unwanted noise. 2. **Telescopic Height Adjustment:** The telescopic height adjustment feature enables you to change the stand's height according to your preferences or requirements. This is particularly useful for accommodating different performers or recording setups. 3. **Clutch-Style Lock:** The clutch-style lock ensures that once you've positioned the microphone arm and adjusted the height, it will stay securely in place during use. This stability is essential for maintaining consistent sound quality. 4. **Foldable Design:** The fact that the stand can fold up to a compact size of 90cm is a great advantage for portability and storage. This is particularly beneficial for musicians or sound engineers who need to transport their equipment frequently or have limited storage space. 5. **Mic Holder and Adapter Included:** The inclusion of a mic holder and adapter is convenient, as it means you won't need to purchase these separately. The mic holder securely holds the microphone in place, and the adapter ensures compatibility with various microphone types. 6. **Height Adjustable:** The height adjustability is a crucial feature for adapting the stand to different performers, instruments, or recording setups. This ensures that you can achieve the best microphone placement for capturing high-quality audio. In summary, the Mic Stand you've described seems to offer a well-rounded set of features that cater to the needs of musicians, vocalists, and sound engineers. Its adjustable arm, telescopic height adjustment, clutch-style lock, foldable design, and included mic holder and adapter make it a practical and user-friendly choice for positioning microphones accurately and conveniently.