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Fog Machine

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Vibes AV DJ



Lane Cove West, NSW, Australia
Fits on a Motorbike

Fits on a Motorbike

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Verified Lender


Includes Smoke Fluid

Smoke Fluid



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Elevate the atmosphere of any event with our compact and efficient Fog Machine, an essential addition to your party or special occasion gear. This machine is designed with portability in mind, comfortably fitting into the storage of a motorbike, which means it's exceptionally convenient to transport to various event locations. The fog machine generates a thick, non-toxic fog that adds a dramatic touch and enhances lighting effects, making it perfect for use in theatrical productions, live music events, clubs, and private parties. Whether it's creating a spooky ambiance for a Halloween event or adding some flair to a wedding reception, this machine consistently delivers high-quality results. Setting up this Fog Machine is straightforward, ensuring you can get it up and running quickly without hassle. This ease of use makes it ideal for both professionals looking to add to their event equipment roster and amateurs who want to host an unforgettable party. The machine includes a cabled trigger which allows for easy operation and control over the output of fog, giving you the ability to create the perfect environment tailored to the event's needs. You can enjoy a long-lasting performance as it comes pre-filled with a full tank of fluid, ensuring you can generate ample fog throughout your event without the need for immediate refills. Durable and built to last, the robust design of this fog machine guarantees reliability through countless uses, making it a wise investment for any event organiser aiming to create a memorable experience. Bring your events to life with the magical effect of fog, creating moments that your guests will talk about long after the lights go out.




September 2023

Vibes AV DJ were fantastic. Oscar was fast with the communication and really accommodating. Highly recommend!

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March 2023

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