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Hire Mood lighting Package #3, hire Party Lights, near Lane Cove West
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Mood lighting Package #3

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Vibes AV DJ



Lane Cove West, NSW, Australia
Fits in a Car

Fits in a Car

Should fit in the back

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Setup Difficulty

Easy to setup

Simple to setup

Verified Lender

Verified Lender

Great for

Great for

100 - 200+ people


Colours Include

Colours Include

Blue Green Red White


It seems you're describing a comprehensive lighting setup for events or parties. Here's a summary of the equipment you've mentioned: - **4 x Beamz Flatpar 1W18:** These are LED flatpar lights with 1W18 LEDs, often used for wash lighting and color effects. Having four of these lights can provide extensive coverage and vibrant color options. - **2 x Astro Ball FX:** The Astro Ball FX is an effect light that likely projects colorful beams and patterns, adding dynamic visual effects to the setup. - **2 x Chauvet Mini Kinta:** The Chauvet Mini Kinta is an LED effect light known for producing multicolored beams and patterns, contributing to energetic lighting effects. - **All Necessary Cables:** The package includes all the required cables for connecting and powering the equipment. This setup appears to be designed to create a lively and engaging lighting display for events and parties. The combination of LED flatpar lights, effect lights, and LED beams can enhance the atmosphere and visual impact of the event. If you have any specific questions about setup, usage, or anything else, feel free to ask!


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