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Hire Chauvet DJ 4Bar Tri USB, hire Party Lights, near Newstead
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Chauvet DJ 4Bar Tri USB

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Newstead, QLD, Australia

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Elevate your event with the Chauvet DJ 4Bar Tri USB, a sophisticated wash lighting system engineered with high-intensity tri-colour (RGB) LEDs that ensure vibrant and evenly distributed light across any venue. This system forms an all-in-one lighting solution that integrates seamlessly into your event’s atmosphere, whether it's a wedding, corporate function, or live performance stage. With the Chauvet DJ 4Bar Tri USB, you gain immediate control right out of the box through a wireless footswitch. For more advanced preferences, an optional IRC-6 controller is available, which enhances your ability to manipulateg lighting effects to match the tone of your event precisely. Setting up is straightforward and efficient, thanks to the collapsible tripod stand and the accompanying carrying bags which facilitate easy portability and storage. This unit stands out with its D-Fi™ USB compatibility, which allows for hassle-free wireless control in either master/slave or DMX mode, enabling you to coordinate a captivating light show with multiple 4BAR™ fixtures. The individual adjustability of each of the four heads ensures that lighting coverage can be customised to illuminate any room or stage thoroughly, whilst the high-power LEDs virtually eliminate irritating multi-coloured shadows. Additionally, the 4BAR™ Tri USB is designed to support the mounting of up to four additional lighting fixtures, maximising your lighting setup's impact. Convenience is further enhanced by the possibility of safely mounting the unit onto trusses with built-in bolts and expanding your setup horizontally with power linking capabilities—thus reducing the need for excessive cabling and extension cords. Activated by sound, the built-in programs respond dynamically to the musical environment, adding a vibrant, rhythm-synced display to energise the atmosphere, making each event uniquely memorable. With the Chauvet DJ 4Bar Tri USB, transform any space into a visually stunning spectacle.




March 2023

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