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Hire Laserworld CS-1000RGB MK2 Laser Effect, hire Party Lights, near Newstead
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Hire Laserworld CS-1000RGB MK2 Laser Effect, hire Party Lights, near Newstead image 2
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Laserworld CS-1000RGB MK2 Laser Effect

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Elevate your event with the captivating visual prowess of the Laserworld CS-1000RGB MK2 Laser Effect. This advanced laser projector boasts a sleek, redesigned housing that is both lightweight and robust, featuring a versatile bracket for easy mounting. Whether suspended from a truss or set up on the ground, this unit adapts seamlessly to both mobile and fixed setups, making it a top choice for DJs, event organizers, and venue owners alike. The CS-1000RGB MK2 offers a powerful full-colour performance with its RGB laser configuration, delivering a total output of up to 1000 mW. It features a red laser (200 mW, 650 nm), a green DPSS laser (70 mW, 532 nm), and a royal-blue laser (530 mW, 445 nm), together producing vibrant colours and intense laser beams. The projector excels in its technical prowess, with a beam diameter of approximately 3 mm and a divergence of 2.0 mrad. Furthermore, a high-speed galvo system supports scan speeds up to 30kpps, ensuring smooth and dynamic effects. For operational versatility, the CS-1000RGB MK2 comes equipped with DMX capabilities and several operational modes, including automatic, sound-to-light, and master-slave configurations. This enables synchronization with other units for coordinated displays, perfect for creating large-scale spectacular shows. Users can choose from about 200 built-in preset patterns—ranging from waves and tunnels to circles—that can be projected in various colours and speeds. Control is further enhanced with the ILDA interface, allowing for the integration of custom or pre-designed shows, including logos and text. This feature is invaluable for creating personalized experiences at events, making the CS-1000RGB MK2 suitable for everything from bars and clubs to private parties and professional event settings. Lastly, the projector includes essential safety features such as a key switch, interlock interface, and an on-off switch, ensuring safe operation at all times.




March 2023

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