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DIY DJ & lighting Package



Lane Cove West, NSW, Australia
Fits in a 4WD

Fits in a 4WD

Should fit in the back

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Setup Difficulty

Setup Difficulty

May need some help

Verified Lender

Verified Lender

Great for

Great for

100 - 200+ people

Great For

Great For

Kids Birthday Parties, 21st Birthday Parties


Connects with

iPhone, Android devices, Laptops, DJ Decks


It looks like you're listing a comprehensive set of equipment for a DJ setup and lighting for events or parties. This setup seems geared towards creating an engaging audio and visual experience. Here's a breakdown of the components you've mentioned: 1. **XDJ-RX2**: The XDJ-RX2 is a professional DJ controller designed for mixing and controlling music using digital formats. It features a layout similar to traditional CDJ and mixer setups, making it popular among DJs for its functionality and portability. 2. **Mackie Thump 15 Speakers**: These are active PA speakers known for their powerful sound and portability. Active speakers have built-in amplifiers, which simplifies setup and eliminates the need for external amplification. 3. **Speaker Stands**: Stands are essential to elevate and position the speakers for optimal sound projection and coverage in the venue. 4. **Beamz Flatpar 1W18**: This is likely a compact LED PAR light with multiple color options. PAR lights are commonly used for wash lighting, providing vibrant and dynamic colors. 5. **Chauvet Mini Kinta**: The Chauvet Mini Kinta is a popular LED light that projects dynamic multicolored patterns and shapes, often used to create motion and visual effects on the dance floor. 6. **Laserworld EL-230**: The Laserworld EL-230 is a laser effect light that can project laser patterns and animations, adding another layer of visual excitement to the lighting setup. 7. **Beamz Multi Acis IV FX Light**: This is likely a multi-effect light with various lighting features, such as beams, strobes, and patterns. Such lights can add complexity and variety to the lighting design. 8. **Lighting Stand**: The lighting stand is used to support and position the lighting fixtures at varying heights and angles, allowing you to create diverse lighting effects across the venue. 9. **Nuts & Bolts, Safety Chains**: These are used to securely attach and hang lighting fixtures from stands to ensure safety and stability during operation. 10. **All Necessary Cables**: Cables are essential for connecting the various components, such as speakers, lights, and controllers. Ensure you have the right types and lengths of cables for your setup. When setting up a DJ and lighting setup like this: - **Audio Quality**: Make sure the speakers are appropriately positioned to provide clear and balanced sound throughout the venue. - **Lighting Design**: Plan how you want to use the various lighting effects to enhance the atmosphere. Consider sync and coordination between the lights and the music. - **Safety Precautions**: Ensure that all equipment is properly secured, especially lights hanging on stands. Safety chains and proper setup prevent accidents. - **Cable Management**: Neatly manage your cables to avoid clutter and tripping hazards. - **Testing**: Test the setup before the event to ensure all equipment is working correctly and that lighting effects are aligned with your vision. This setup can create an immersive and exciting environment for your audience, combining music and dynamic lighting effects to enhance the overall experience.