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Hire Uplight / Wash Lights x 4 Pack, hire Party Lights, near Lane Cove West
Hire Uplight / Wash Lights x 4 Pack, hire Party Lights, near Lane Cove West image 1
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Uplight / Wash Lights x 4 Pack



Lane Cove West, NSW, Australia
Fits in a Car

Fits in a Car

Should fit in the back

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Setup Difficulty

Easy to setup

Simple to setup

Verified Lender

Verified Lender

Great for

Great for

50 - 100 people


Colours Include

Colours Include

Blue Green Red White


It looks like you're providing details for a lighting setup that includes 4 Uplight/Wash Lights and 4 Beamz LED Flatpar lights. This setup seems to have a range of features to create dynamic lighting effects for events or parties. Let's break down the components and features: 1. **Uplight / Wash Lights (Quantity: 4)**: - Uplights are used to illuminate walls, columns, or other architectural elements from the floor, adding depth and ambiance to a space. - Wash lights provide a broad and even spread of light, suitable for coloring walls or surfaces. 2. **Beamz LED Flatpar (1w x 18) (Quantity: 4)**: - These are LED par lights with 18 LEDs each, each LED having a power of 1 watt. - The features you've listed indicate these lights have versatile capabilities for different lighting effects. Features for the Beamz LED Flatpar lights: - **DMX**: DMX control allows you to program and control the lights in a more intricate and synchronized manner. - **Strobe Control**: Strobe effects add flashes of light for dramatic moments. - **Auto-play Mode**: This mode allows the lights to run pre-programmed patterns and effects without manual control. - **Sound Reactive Mode**: In this mode, the lights respond to the music's rhythm and beat. - **Linkable**: The lights can be linked together for coordinated effects. Additional XLR cables are needed for this purpose. The presence of these features provides you with a variety of options for creating an engaging and immersive lighting experience. Here are some tips for maximizing the potential of this setup: - **DMX Programming**: If you're familiar with DMX programming, you can create custom lighting sequences and effects tailored to your event's atmosphere. - **Sound Reactive Mode**: Engaging sound-reactive mode can enhance the party vibe as the lights respond to the music being played. - **Linking Lights**: If you choose to link the lights, ensure you have the necessary XLR cables to connect them. Experiment with symmetrical or asymmetrical lighting setups. - **Testing**: Before the event, thoroughly test each light and mode to ensure they're functioning properly. - **Positioning**: Strategically place the uplight/wash lights to highlight architectural features or specific areas of interest. - **Cabling**: Properly manage and secure cables to prevent tripping hazards and ensure a tidy setup. - **Safety**: As always, prioritize safety when setting up lighting equipment, especially if there are cables running across the floor. This setup has the potential to create a captivating visual experience. If you have any specific questions about setting up or using these lights, or if you need more information about cables or any other aspect, feel free to ask for further assistance!