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Hire XDJ-RX2 & Speaker Package, hire Party Packages, near Lane Cove West
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XDJ-RX2 & Speaker Package

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Elevate your event with the top-notch XDJ-RX2 & Speaker Package, designed to cater to the needs of both seasoned DJs and newcomers to the mixing arena. Our selection combines the robust Pioneer XDJ-RX2 all-in-one DJ system with the powerful Mackie Thump 15” speakers, ensuring that your performance is dynamic and engaging for audiences up to 100 people. **Pioneer XDJ-RX2 All-in-One DJ System**: This DJ system is a comprehensive solution that includes USB and MIDI control capabilities. It enables DJs to play tracks directly from USB drives and offers enhanced capabilities through MIDI controllers. Designed specifically for Rekordbox users, this system facilitates meticulous music organisation, allowing the preparation of cues, loops, and playlists before any event. Featuring dual USB ports, the system supports seamless DJ changeovers, while the master record feature aids in capturing live mixes directly to a USB drive. The unit also boasts 8 multi-function pads for instant access to Hot Cues, Auto-Loops, and Beat Jumps, making it a highly intuitive interface for creative DJ performance. **Mackie Thump 15” Speakers**: These speakers deliver exceptional audio output, making them fit for a wide range of events from private parties to public gatherings. The package includes speaker stands and all necessary cables, facilitating a hassle-free setup and ensuring the speakers are positioned for optimal sound dispersion. Despite their compact size, these speakers produce a clear, powerful sound that can easily fill a medium-sized venue. This DJ and speaker setup is ideal for any DJ looking to deliver a standout performance without the complexities of additional equipment. The combination of the XDJ-RX2’s versatile capabilities and the acoustic power of the Mackie speakers creates a professional-grade sound environment. This setup guarantees an exceptional auditory experience tailored to impress at events such as weddings, corporate functions, or any social gathering.




September 2023

Vibes AV DJ were fantastic. Oscar was fast with the communication and really accommodating. Highly recommend!

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March 2023

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