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Alexandria, NSW, Australia

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Enhance your event with the captivating atmosphere created by the MEDIUM FOGGER, a robust and efficient fog machine ideal for various occasions including clubs, private parties, theatrical productions, and stage performances. This compact yet powerful unit is designed to fill a range of spaces with a thick, enveloping fog that significantly enhances lighting effects, creating a stunning visual experience for all attendees. This fog machine boasts a high output capability, ensuring that even larger areas receive ample coverage. With simple operational features, it includes a user-friendly remote control, allowing for easy operation. This ensures that you can effortlessly manage the density and timing of the fog to match the specific requirements of your event. The MEDIUM FOGGER comes equipped with a 1-litre tank, which is perfect for sustained use throughout your event without frequent refills. Its sturdy construction is designed for reliability and durability, ensuring that it can withstand the rigours of transport and frequent use typical in the events sector. Additionally, this model features advanced thermal control technology that helps maintain optimum temperature, reducing warm-up times and enhancing the machine’s efficiency. This not only saves time during setup but also ensures consistent fog production throughout its operation. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, the MEDIUM FOGGER is versatile enough to accommodate any party or event atmosphere. Whether looking to create a mystical scene for a Halloween event, add drama to a theatrical performance, or give your nightclub an edgy, mysterious vibe, this fog machine is up to the task. Make your next event unforgettable by adding the magic of fog with the MEDIUM FOGGER. Please note that the fog fluid is included, making this machine ready to use right out of the box.


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Alexandria, NSW, Australia

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