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Hire Smoke / Fog Machine Hire 1200Watt / Remote Timer / Fluid Included, hire Smoke Machines, near Ingleburn
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Smoke / Fog Machine Hire 1200Watt / Remote Timer / Fluid Included

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Eve Party Hire

Ingleburn, NSW, Australia

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Take your event atmosphere to the next level with our professional Smoke/Fog Machine Hire service. This powerful 1200Watt machine is capable of generating a substantial amount of fog, making it ideal for various events including concerts, theatrical productions, and private parties. The machine features a robust, modern design with a portable form factor, ensuring it can discreetly blend into any event setup. It comes equipped with a remote timer, giving you complete control over the output and duration of fog emission. This feature is particularly useful for synchronising fog effects with specific moments in your event, enhancing the overall impact and guest experience. Included in the hire is a full tank of fluid, so the machine is ready to perform right from the start. The fluid is specifically formulated to produce thick, white fog that lingers just long enough to create the perfect ambiance, but not too long as to be obstructive. Operating the machine is straightforward, with clear instructions provided. Users can adjust the density and output of the fog seamlessly, allowing for customisation according to the specific needs of the event. Whether you are looking to create a mysterious allure for a gala or an energetic vibe for a dance party, this smoke/fog machine is up to the task. This machine’s reliability and high performance make it an indispensable element for any event looking to create a visually memorable experience. Its efficient usage of fluid also ensures that the fog effects can be maintained throughout the event without frequent refills, making it a practical choice for any busy event planner.


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